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Quick and safe loading & unloading promised by Sovex

28 March 2013

Sovex argues that conveyor systems can help speed up loading and unloading, as well as improve health and safety performance.

Managing a global supply chain is challenging. Sourcing products from emerging markets such as Bangladesh and Cambodia can help retailers gain a competitive advantage by supplying a range of products at a reduced cost.

Sourcing is just the start. How quickly can you turn the product round and get it on the shelf? We can reduce the time spent unloading sea containers and trailers by as much as 30%. Ensuring your product is unloaded and ready for picking and dispatching as quickly as possible.

Sovex conveyor systems offer innovative solutions for vehicle loading, warehouse distribution and assembly line set up.

Not only do they save you time and money but help protect your workforce by reducing musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) injuries. Workers carrying out activities such as unloading trailers and containers risk sustaining MSD injuries through actions such as repetitive heavy lifting, awkward postures (e.g. stacking or removing items from above shoulder height or below knee height, and sustained movement (e.g. carrying items in and out of the container).

Each year hundreds of workers sustain severe sprain or strain injuries through incorrect or improper manual handling.

MSD usually occur in the neck, back or legs, these are often long term and extremely painful. MSDs have devastating health implications, and affect employees' work, everyday lives and families.

Associated costs to companies, including lawsuits, lost productivity and training replacement staff, are enormous.

Ideal for loading docks, fixed boom conveyors are designed to be installed in one position and extend up to 15 metres to accommodate the largest of containers and trailers. They extend into containers and trailers and transport items on powered belts or rollers to an operator for loading. As the container or trailer empties, the operator retracts the boom and adjusts its height to maintain an ergonomic working position. Travel direction is reversible to allow loading and unloading. If your distribution centre is partly or fully automated Sovex fixed telescopic boom vehicle loaders can be integrated with ancillary conveyors.

The Sovex Bendy Boom, winner of the Design and Innovation Award 2012, is a fixed boom conveyor, which provides extreme flexibility. The front boom incorporates a purpose designed articulating section, which can bend to - 25 degrees allowing for a variety of vehicles to be serviced by the same machine.

Sovex also have a range of mobile vehicle loaders which are designed for use where no loading dock is available. Mobile loaders are height adjustable and fully counterbalanced which makes them ideal for where containers typically sit higher than normal dock level during loading and unloading.

Highly versatile, these conveyors require very little space and can be easily moved to load or unload vehicles in different locations. Catering for all types of vehicle you can choose from our compact model suitable for vans, or our telescopic loader for lorries and large trailers up to 12 metres.

Both fixed telescopic boom conveyors and mobile loaders are available with varying extension lengths, allowing operators to reach the rear of twenty foot and forty foot sea containers comfortably.

Users can specify different belt widths to ensure the safe transportation of large, heavy or awkwardly shaped items.

There are many conveyor models to choose from, many of which incorporate a range of additional features. Some have LED (light emitting diode) or halogen lighting at the front of the boom, which provides clear visibility in dark sea containers and further reduces the risk of injury. Roller shrouds eliminate nipping points (areas of the conveyor that could trap parts of a person), and emergency stop controls provide immediate switchoff in the unlikely event of an accident.

Fixed telescopic boom conveyors and mobile loaders are fast becoming standard equipment at distribution centres. By using them, retailers can minimise the risk of workers sustaining MSD injuries through loading and unloading sea containers and trailers, and improve efficiency and productivity levels.