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Online tool to calculate skills benefits launched

02 April 2013

Companies interested in taking on apprentices in their logistics operations can use the new Skills Calculator to gain a clear understanding of the bottom-line benefits that skills can generate.

This new, user-friendly web-based tool, which has been developed by Skills for Logistics, works like an online calculator. It can be used to calculate items such as Return on Training Investment percentages (RoTI %) for employers and also provides annual salary potentials for fully trained individuals. The Skills Calculator can also be a useful knowledge tool for training providers, learners, recruiters and HR managers associated with the sector to help them engage with these key stakeholders and encourage an increase in the uptake of skills development and recruitment for the entire UK logistics workforce.

The Skills Calculator is linked to the Skills for Logistics’ Professional Development Stairway (PDS) to allow each user to investigate the necessary competencies and qualifications related to each job role. This will help users explore what skills are needed to gain an increase in salary and what training options are available to them to help further their career up the stairway.

Commenting on the development of this new tool, Mick Jackson, CEO of Skills for Logistics said: "The Skills Calculator is a user-friendly web tool that will help raise awareness and demonstrate the financial benefits of investing in workplace skills and training for all currently available UK logistics apprenticeships. We hope this will encourage more companies to provide or increase their training and for greater numbers of individuals to benefit from the opportunities to improve their skills. ”

Initially the Skills Calculator will be aimed at showing the benefits of apprenticeships to individuals and employers and will be developed to apply to other forms of training.