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Mastermover releases all-terrain electric tug

03 April 2013

MasterMover has launched a new all-terrain range that enables companies to push or tow heavy loads in the most demanding factory environments.

Comprising the ATT400 All Terrain Tug and the ATP400 All Terrain Pusher, the range features patent-applied technology that has been FEA tested and CE marked.

The units have been designed for use in all environments including foundries, brick kilns and other factory environments that are subject to uneven surfaces. A single chassis can perform towing or pushing functions depending on the attachment used to connect it to the load.

"The principle of MasterMover technology is to generate traction and reduce rolling resistance," managing director Andy Owen explains. "This is more challenging in factories where there is a substantial amount of dirt or debris, or where items such as rails protrude from the floor, so we have developed our innovative new technology to overcome these obstacles.”

The main body of the ATT400 and ATP400 marks a significant redesign on conventional tug manufacture in order to optimise performance. The in-house development team at MasterMover has moved the main wheel forward for better traction, and integrated a new supporting wheel at the back. The latter maintains a safe, consistent level for the operator by moving up and down in relation to the uneven floor, minimising the effort required to hold up the tug.

The AC motor is contained within a sealed unit to prevent ingress from dust, while its gearless, direct drive construction reduces the number of working parts for greater efficiency and lower maintenance. At the same time, the main tyres are specified in a cross-ply radial construction that delivers a hard-wearing, puncture-proof foundation for both models.

This same body can perform two different functions depending on the attachment. The ATP400 uses a connection designed for pushing loads of up to 50 tonnes on rails, while the ATT400 uses a specially designed hydraulic arm that transfers the weight of the load into the wheels, enabling operators to tow up to 10 t whatever the condition of the factory.