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17 April 2013

Poland’s largest home improvement chain, Castorama, has over 45 Aisle-Master articulated trucks operating across its network of outlets in the country.

Replacing reach and counterbalance trucks, the Aisle-Masters have proved to be so successful they are now the standard specification when new depots are opened.

Depending on the size of a depot, which is typically from 7000 to 10,000m² the Aisle-Masters’ narrow aisle capabilities enable two or three extra aisles to be added. This allows Castorama to put more stock into each store, giving customers more choice and has resulted in higher sales figures.

The layout of racking at each outlet is determined by merchandising managers who take into account the size of products to be stored, with Aisle-Masters mostly operating in aisles as narrow as 1.8m. To make use of all vertical space the top beam height is 5.5m, and the trucks are fitted with a triplex 6000mm mast to easily lift pallets, packs and boxes to this height. Their ability to work indoors and out and to offload incoming deliveries and take them directly to the racking eliminates double handling.