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Supervisor training

19 June 2013

Earlier this year, the HSE released the 3rd edition of the Approved Code of Practice for the use of Rider-operated lift trucks (L117), which places added emphasis on the training of managers and supervisors.

The new edition stipulates that those in supervisory roles should be sufficiently trained to identify any potential hazards occurring in everyday fork lift operations, specifically being able to:

  • Carry out an effective observation and know what to look for
  • Communicate effectively with operators and line managers
  • Recognise unsafe practice and behaviour
  • Maintain and promote health and safety standards.

Mentor's Managing Forklift Operations course fully meets and complies with this new guidance. Recognising that carefully-prepared safety procedures are only as good as the supervisors who enforce them, the course equips managers with the specialist knowledge and confidence to stop a dangerous situation in its tracks.

Managing Forklift Operations covers relevant legislation, responsibilities under law, potential penalties, and key safety principles such as stability characteristics and pre-shift checks. To date, almost 1000 managers and supervisors have been trained and are putting theory into practice among their teams, implementing the correct operating procedures and spreading key safety messages within their workplace. The course was also shortlisted in the IMHX Design 4 Safety Awards 2013 under 'Safety Practices', for its contribution to the promotion of safety awareness and incident reduction.