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New trucks lead the way

17 June 2013

Since the launch of HC forklifts UK at the IMHX show in March the formation of a key dealer network is taking shape as orders exceed targets set for the new venture.

Two new counterbalance trucks are at the forefront of the sales success, the internal combustion engined XF series and the four wheel electric A series.

The combination of premium components, build quality and back-up service is helping to drive sales of the new trucks.

The XF series offers both diesel and LPG engines and a choice of transmission. A wet braking system is one of a list of options that ensure that there is a truck to suit each application.

As well as incorporating high quality components the design of the new trucks offers better driver comfort with more floor space, a wider entry window and car like controls and pedals. Vibrations have been significantly reduced. The mast benefits from both soft-landing and soft-lifting systems. Rubber dampers between the frame and steering axle, plus a compound engine damper and a full floating powertrain, combine to minimise operational vibrations.

Similarly the A series electric trucks offer an advanced ergonomic design to minimise driver fatigue. High efficiency AC motors power these electric trucks with the 1 to 2.5 tonne options at 48 volts and the larger 3 tonne and 3.5 tonne trucks at 80 volts. The high quality components include Curtis controls throughout. Curtis has written software specifically for these Hangcha trucks. 

"The high quality components include Curtis controls throughout. Curtis has written software specifically for these Hangcha trucks."

The introduction of these new trucks, to provide increased levels of reliability and improved operational efficiency thereby reducing costs is only part of the brand’s development. 

The creation of a truly national dealer network in the UK is a very high priority for HC Forklifts UK, in order to be able to provide high quality support to compete nationally with the more established premium brands.

Nigel Martin, business development manager for HC Forklifts UK, is keen to stress that quality of service is the main criteria when deciding to work with a distributor to ensure that the brand is professionally represented, as he explains. "We see the development of the network as a partnership between HC Forklifts and our dealers. We have established a parts and support centre in Corby to provide manufacturer level support but understand that we need to work together to fine tune the back-up to create a united front that will benefit us all.”