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Firm boosts safety with skate and track lifting equipment

16 July 2013

The skate and track system normally used for truck loading of pallets has been developed to increase health and safety at manufacturer James Walker.

James Walker is a global manufacturing company that supplies a vast range of high performance fluid sealing products to numerous types of industries such as oil, gas, transport etc. Their extensive expertise in precision machining keeps industry worldwide running safely and efficiently.

The skate and track system was installed for the movement of the moulds from their warming ovens to their large presses. These moulds can weigh up to 160kg and have a circumference of 1m and they can vary in height up to 1.5m. They previously used standard lifting equipment to move the mould from storage to ovens but they had the safety problem of moving the moulds in and out of the oven, the employees were at increased risk of injury.

So now, the skates actually move the mould inside the oven easily without the worker having to try and manoeuvre it in.

Now that this first system has been installed successfully, James Walker company will be looking at converting many other of their production lines in this way, some on an even larger scale than this one. James Walker actually found Joloda by searching for handling solutions as Joloda have the reputation for being able to solve any loading problem utilising their large number of different loading systems and team of innovative engineers.

Paul Hamlin of James Walker was very pleased with the outcome.

"I would like to compliment the professionalism and approach of Joloda’s fitters who were patient and listened, modified and developed solutions to the issues on site. They involved a number of operators across different shifts who needed to use the equipment to ensure "buy in” and ultimately a successfully implemented project,” he said.