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Behind the Scenes at Teva with SSI Schaefer

01 August 2013

Smart Storage and Applied Automation – this was the overriding theme at SSI Schaefer’s recent regional event hosted at Teva UK in Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Delegates not only heard the numerous advantages of upgrading their existing logistics operations when combining low level automation with more efficient smart storage systems but they got the unique opportunity to take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Teva’s own automated distribution centre.

Teva, part of one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world and the UK’s leading generic manufacturer of pharmaceutical goods despatching over four million items per day, opened its doors to show fellow industry leaders how they had successfully migrated from a labour intensive manual warehousing operation to a new automated distribution centre with pretty impressive results. With the help of SSI Schaefer, Teva UK significantly increased its storage capacity, improved overall picking performance and sharpened efficiency and customer service levels all whilst reducing labour overheads.

Guests were given guided tours of Teva’s site and were able to see firsthand the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) with three cranes and 3,500 single deep storage locations that was designed and installed by SSI Schaefer alongside pallet racking complete with 21,000 storage locations, a Pallet Conveyor System, a 78 sort lane Tote Conveyor System and a Pick-by-Light System with 13 pick stations and 910 locations. The whole operation is monitored and managed by SSI Schaefer’s WAMAS® C Warehouse Control System.

Items are picked using three different options; full pallets are selected from the pallet racking, full cartons from the ASRS and single items from the pick-by light system. Ergonomically designed pick stations equipped with hydraulic pallet lifting devices have been installed to help operators.

John-Paul Bednarek, Head of Operations and Service, Teva, gave visitors an informative overview of the whole project, from initial concept through to design and completion of the internal layout in partnership with SSI Schaefer. He said: "SSI Schaefer was able to visualise our needs from the outset focusing on our ultimate goal – to improve upon customer service levels and product offering.

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