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Tandem hoists promote workplace safety

06 September 2013

In many production facilities, including galvanising plants, it is necessary for operators to work beneath suspended loads, which are held by chain hoists.

Applications such as these are subject to special safety requirements, which are laid down, in Germany, in the BGV D8 safety regulations.

Hot-galvanising company, Helling & Neuhaus, in conjunction with Terex Material Handling and with input from the industrial employers’ mutual insurance association, has developed a solution which allows operators to work beneath suspended loads.

The lift and lower sections of the two Helling & Neuhaus conveyor lines have each been equipped with two Demag double chain hoists, which are connected by means of a tandem control system. According to the manufacturer, this concept, which satisfies the requirements of BGV D8 Plus hoists, is an innovative solution, which provides maximum safety for a wide range of industrial applications.

Helling & Neuhaus GmbH, part of the Seppeler Group, operates two parallel production circuits at its plant in Gütersloh, Germany. The lifting motions at each of the pick-up and deposit stations were previously provided by chain hoists fitted with a catch. This arrangement had met the customer’s requirements, but safety issues dictated the development of an alternative solution.

The solution employed by the galvanising specialist utilises Demag LDC-D size 10 double chain hoists, which are paired to each other by a tandem control system. Developed for transporting long materials and spreader operation, the LDC-D has two mechanically synchronised chain lead-offs, which are rigidly connected to each other by a common frame. The LDC-D unit drives a separate lifting block that has its own chain drive via a connecting shaft.

To accommodate load-dependent lifting speeds of up to 24 m/min, the LDC-D units are designed for high handling rates. In addition, they provide for longer chain service life as there are no additional chain return sprockets.