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Docking all over the world

12 September 2013

A trailer has all the moves when it comes to being loaded and unloaded on a dock; and A-Safe, the leading name in workplace safety and protection, has successfully entered the Dock Protection market.

The king of safety, A-Safe, has been spending 2013 as they’ve spent the rest of their four decades in business. Being innovative, inventive, and launching new products. Their latest release - the Dock Roller – is an innovative bit of kit that leaves other dock buffers and bumpers in the shadows.

Its revolutionary design, developed to protect doorways and building structure from trailers; is completely different from conventional dock bumpers. Supermarket giants Sainsbury’s are trialing the product, and are seemingly very impressed and word has travelled quickly about A-Safe Dock Rollers throughout Europe and across the world. Because it’s A-Safe, the Dock Roller is straight in at number one and leaves other dock buffers and bumpers trailing behind. It’s not just any old normal piece of protection.

So how exactly can a bumper be bettered? It doesn’t do much, does it? It’s just static, fixed to the wall, and it’s there to protect the structure of the doorway when a trailer backs in to it. Then it fades away. Quickly. When a trailer backs on to it, the air suspension moves the trailer up and down, which causes it to rub against the bumper. Shakes and vibrations cause wear and friction damage, and that’s added to when the trailer moves up as its being loaded. A standard bumper will soon chip, scuff, completely wear out – its lifespan is very limited – and before long the wall gets damaged and the bumper needs to be replaced.

You’ll be in dire straits if a truck damages your doorway, so A-Safe saw the challenge of making better dock protection, and extending the life-span of a dock bumper.  They wanted to develop a product which fits the mould of the rest of their range, something very strong and flexible, that stands the test of time.

Developing the best
So why is the A-Safe Dock Roller better than conventional dock bumpers? It’s made from a high-impact polymer outer, and a shock absorbing inner layer. The way this product works is simple, yet it’s not been thought of before. Its specialist design means that when a trailer moves during loading, or whilst air suspension kicks in, the rollers move with it. The dock and the structure is protected, and the roller mechanism means that friction and wear is dramatically reduced.

As inventors of this revolutionary style of dock bumper, A-Safe has a patent pending for the design so you won’t find this product anywhere else. The mechanism looks fantastic and offers incredible levels of long lasting protection, saving companies thousands of pounds in maintenance costs.

"We’ve been considering the dock protection market for a long time. Because we’re A-Safe, we knew that we’d find a concept that follows our protocol of supplying the best protection possible, with a product that lasts longer despite repetitive impact."

"We’ve been considering the dock protection market for a long time” said an A-Safe spokesperson. "Because we’re A-Safe, we knew that we’d find a concept that follows our protocol of supplying the best protection possible, with a product that lasts longer despite repetitive impact."

A-Safe design, produce, test and distribute their products from within their own factory in the UK. With everything done under one roof they’re able to research, improve and develop products – safe in the knowledge that it’s been done solely with their own expertise and quality controlling every aspect of manufacture to benefit the customer.

A-Safe US, A-Safe France and A-Safe Germany are building up a huge array of Dock Roller orders, and it’s a product that has taken Dock Protection to another level.  It’s just one product in the A-Safe dock protection range, which includes trailer plates, truck stops, wheel guides and a dock gate is in development too. By choosing the dock roller from A-Safe, you can be upbeat about the safety and protection of your dock.

PRODUCT PROTECTORS: A-Safe offer an innovative full safety product range for warehouses and storage areas