Goods monitoring

17 September 2013

For sensitive goods such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other items, accurate monitoring of temperatures during storage and transit is critical.

Tinytag temperature and humidity data loggers are robust, battery powered devices which help ensure that such items are maintained within industry specified ranges. Recorded data is downloaded to a PC via a USB cable and viewed with easy to use Tinytag Explorer software, allowing conditions to be measured, documented, analysed and validated. Manufactured in the UK, Tinytags monitor both product core and surrounding air temperature if required.

The Tinytag Radio Data Logging System is ideal for monitoring in larger premises, using wireless communications to send live temperature data for immediate viewing on a PC. For example, leading medical equipment manufacturer STD Pharmaceutical Products is using the Radio System in its warehouse and cold store. Some of the company’s sensitive products require storage below 25°C, and the temperature is constantly monitored to ensure products remains compliant. 

Data is analysed monthly unless an alarm is automatically generated by the logging system. If this occurs, steps are taken immediately to investigate if any product could be at risk. The radio loggers can be situated wherever required, and support each other by automatically re-routing the signal (or recording locally) if it is blocked or the battery has died, so data is not lost.