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£6 million short term rental fleet investment

30 September 2013

Jungheinrich has announced a £6 million investment in the extensive fleet of forklift trucks and other handling products that it offers for short term rental.

Jungheinrich believes that its short term rental fleet is stocked with the newest and most up to date equipment on the market.

Jungheinrich has over 4,000 models in its short term rental fleet and, typically, trucks are less than 24-months old.

Neil Warren, Jungheinrich UK’s Used Equipment and Short Term Rental Director, says: "We have what we believe is the youngest fleet of short term rental forklifts available. And because our short term rental trucks are, on average, less than two years old, our clients get state-of-the-art equipment that not only looks good but is energy efficient and highly reliable – not a truck that has been out on contract hire for five years and comes with five years’ worth of problems.”

Jungheinrich report that the short term rental market is buoyant across the UK with particularly strong demand from companies operating in the warehousing sector looking to cover seasonal peaks in demand, and the emerging events industry - where trucks are often needed to help with the build up and breakdown of, for example, a festival or sporting occasion.