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Timber merchant buys Combilift's new 4 wheel sideloader

04 October 2013

Skipton based Merritt and Fryers is the first company in the timber and merchant sector in the UK to take delivery of the new Combilift 4 wheel sideloader.

It has replaced an old sideloader that had been in service for around 20 years, and director Andrew Merritt was keen to swap like for like: "It was not economically viable to refurbish such an old machine but our drivers were used to a 4 wheel model so the timing of Combilift’s model launch was perfect.”

The versatility of the 5t capacity truck enables it to be used in the relatively narrow confines between racking in the warehouse, in the general sales yard as well as in the large timber importing area where it handles very large section timber such as joists which can measure 600 x 600 x 13.8m. Its tight tuning circle – "very impressive for its size,” says driver Howard Baker - is of great benefit for precise manoeuvring with long loads around customers’ parked cars and other obstacles.

Combilift first introduced its 3 wheel multi-directional sideloaders into the company’s range in 2004 and the 4 wheel, two directional model now gives an extra element of choice for customers. It is also engineered to be very suitable for prolonged long distance travel at high speeds, with Combilift’s single hydrostatic drive motor coupled with a JCB differential axle eliminating any concern of overheating that can be an issue in other sideloader brands.