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New trucks use less fuel

14 October 2013

Hyster's H8-16XM forklift trucks use significantly less fuel to do more work than the previous generation models.

Following the Hyster approach to low emissions container handling trucks, this ninth generation series of 8-16 tonne lift capacity Hyster Big Trucks has been designed for use in demanding applications, such as within the ports and terminals, mining, construction, paper, logistics and heavy industry sectors.

Fuel savings of up to 17% can be achieved using the smaller H8-12XM-6 series, thanks to engine rightsizing and advanced ECO-eLo control systems, which are now available on all Stage IIIB configurations. Fuel savings of 10% have been recorded on the H13-16XM-6 & H10-12XM-12EC series.

The Cummins diesel engines, combined with the new dual hydraulic pumps, can achieve a 35% higher laden lifting speed. The Hyster H8-12XM-6 and H13-16XM-6 diesel forklift trucks all feature load sensing hydraulics.

"In heavy industry applications, maximum loads are not always handled continuously throughout a shift,” says Chris van de Werdt, sales manager for Hyster Big Trucks. "By introducing load sensing hydraulics there is less waste, reduced operating temperatures and greater fuel efficiency.”

Increased cooling capacity helps to further reduce the hydraulic oil temperature. "These developments have helped lower the cost of operation even further and have increased reliability,” Chris says, explaining that operating with lower oil temperatures can help to improve the life expectancy of hydraulic hoses and seals and an advanced filter system protects major components from potentially harmful contaminants. Engine and transmission protection systems are also featured on all models with oil immersed ‘wet disc’ brakes also helping to reduce the cost of operation.