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Dynamic storage clean up at Abena

17 October 2013

Hygiene and paper company Abena contracted Dynamic Storage Systems to project manage an expansion to a new 50,000 sq ft warehouse near Coventry.

DSS designed a range of solutions for storage capacity, effective use of space, throughputs, integration with existing fork lift trucks and ergonomic and clean room picking for particular products. For example, certain hygiene products need to be stored in a clean room or with lidded plastic boxes. Additionally there are difficulties in loose products on pallets needing to be stored on shelves above the ground floor pallet in the racking. DSS’s solution for this was to install carton live beds with roller tracks combined with plastic trays to enable loose products to be picked easily and efficiently.

DSS’s proposal was also designed to offer low maintenance costs and allow room for further expansion in the future. DSS installed the racking, shelving, carton live, rack labelling, signage, floor painting and mesh and barrier protection throughout the building and work was finished on time and within budget.

The warehouse has a sophisticated WMS and its capacity has more than doubled to approximately 3000 pallets, with four dock-levellers that speed up the distribution process.

Key Points

Be clear in your brief – Abena was clear in its tender document what it was looking for. It could compare the tenders like-for-like. If you can’t be sure you are comparing like for like, how can you be sure you’re choosing the most competitive tender?
Think ahead – businesses invariably change and so do the demands on a warehouse. A good design should allow for flexibility, saving additional costs in the future.
Look beyond basic racking costs – an experienced warehouse and storage designer can give you far greater efficiencies through understanding workflow, ergonomics and ongoing maintenance costs.