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GNB launches turnkey project management solution

14 October 2013

GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies, has launched its new range of battery handling and management solutions known as Battery XTraction.

The system offers warehouse and maintenance managers and fleet owners, a safer way to handle batteries and lower operating costs, along with significant savings on space and time costs. This in turn means higher productivity, enabling fleet owners to maximise the potential of their materials handling vehicles.

Battery XTraction can be tailored to suit customers’ requirements. It incorporates project management that conforms to health and safety regulations by minimising the potential hazards that are present when changing large heavy motive power batteries.

The system uses a range of environmentally friendly XTraction single- and multi-tier cars, which can help reduce carbon emissions and running costs by up to 50 per cent*. Said to be the greenest system on the market, it also helps to minimise the environmental impact of businesses.


In addition, XTraction has been designed to save valuable warehouse space - the multi-level XTraction system can reduce the floor area required for battery charging by up to 85 per cent, freeing up space for alternative, more profitable use. This XTraction car would be ideal for distribution centres and large warehouses, and the battery changing process itself can be completed in less than four minutes so productivity is improved.

Speaking about the new system, Vic Worthington, GNB’s contract manager – motive power explains: "We can offer a wide range of bespoke handling solutions from fully automated systems incorporating the state-of-the-art 2100.net Battery Management System, to the simpler mechanical apparatus. Whatever the size of your electric fleet we can help you find the ideal solution.

"Investing in the right system can provide you with various benefits - you can maximise your productivity by fully utilising your labour resource while enhancing safety, and saving on space costs and maximising the life of your batteries. All our XTraction cars are made by the only UK based manufacturer using quality engineering. This ensures spare parts and local support are readily available.”

GNB also offers battery roller beds and charger shelving which can be matched to any colour specification, while their modular design enables ease of expansion. In addition, GNB also offer full electrical installation and individually designed ventilation systems as well as a range of battery topping technology options.



The 2100.net Charger Room Management System can be incorporated to provide remote customised computerised fleet management. The system can monitor to up 500 chargers remotely from a central computer. The prioritised rotation control ensures full and correct utilisation of the battery fleet which can help to prolong battery life. 2100.net also saves labour time by identifying the next available battery which needs to be charged.

Fleet owners can also take advantage of GNB’s XTraction National Service coverage, with contracts available which can be tailored to match their precise needs. A complete battery room management and service package can help extend the life of their battery and charger fleet as well as reduce their energy costs and extend the life of their battery handling equipment.

*Standard battery replacement running costs amount to £10.14 per change per day, resulting in a total cost of £4204.80 per year. GNB’s Battery XTraction System, however, costs only half the amount at £5.57 per change per day, resulting in £2102.10 per year.