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Manchester event showcases the kit that delivers ROI

18 October 2013

The recent Warehouse Technology Group (WTG) event highlighted many solutions and approaches that can help companies achieve better return on investment - the key theme of the event.

WTG comprises 20 companies involved in the supply of products and services to the logistics industry.

Approximately 70 people attended the event, which was held at the Logistics Research & Innovation Centre in Manchester.

The job titles of attendees included logistics and ops directors, facilities managers and warehouse & distribution managers.

Attendees contributed to the event’s success as they and exhibitors discussed the key principles involved in ensuring ROI on materials handling and logistics spend.

WTG organiser Phil Culling said: "Key ideas came up time and again and they are worth emphasising. 

"Make sure any equipment you buy is suited to your particular business processes and standards, what works for one company will not work for another.

"Also pay attention to less tangible influencing factors, as over time their impact adds up.

"ROI has become more apparent since the economic slowdown of 2008 but attendees were adamant the issue is fundamentally about business processes and value and applies in all market conditions.”

Event highlights included the RediTechnix seminar, the demo of an Aetna Group stretch wrap machine highlighting savings in film usage in a man versus machine challenge and CPA Enershield’s demo of a ‘Big Ass Fan’.

The WTG is planning for the next event in May and is looking to expand. A number of potential areas have been identified for new partners such as access control & attendance management systems, compactors and inverters.

Culling concludes: "We now have a second unit that houses a juice bottling plant and we intend to install automated equipment for production, packing and despatch to further inform and educate attendees."