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Ergonomic Pick Centre workstations developed

06 November 2013

Automated warehouse solution provider TGW has launched new range of Pick Centre solutions to support picking performance, accuracy and short throughput times.

The new Pick Centres combine all of these elements and have been developed with the help of experts at Fraunhofer Austria Research and the University of Technology in Vienna to create an ergonomic environment for the employee that encourages high pick rates.

"We are happy to work with an innovative company like TGW, being able to introduce our experiences in ergonomics into the new order picking systems. Ergonomics is a particularly complex subject and we have intensively studied all the fundamental aspects with TGW in order to design optimum work systems from an ergonomic point of view,” explains Thomas Edtmayr from the Institute of Management Science at the University.

For TGW, the objectives are clearly defined: "Less discomfort, sustainable higher performance, reduced error rates and a positive mood of the workers,” says Eugen Baumann, product manager at TGW.

"The workers' productivity and motivation can be positively influenced by ergonomically designed workstations in a sustained manner."

Optimally designed workstations improve the health of workers and reduce the number of accidents and sick days, for the benefit of the employee and the company. 

Jürgen Minichmayr, head of production management at Fraunhofer Austria Research, says: "The workers' productivity and motivation can be positively influenced by ergonomically designed workstations in a sustained manner.”

To ensure the operators' safety, TGW’s ergonomically designed workstations not only focus on safe constructions, technical protective measures and adequate design of surfaces, but they also aim to avoid bad posture. 

"Monotony is the worst enemy of ergonomics, as it leads to operator fatigue and lack of concentration. Therefore, certain body movements should be integrated into the workflow, and diversified work is the key to safety,” Baumann adds.

In addition, TGW’s Pick Centre solutions are based on flexible design, adapting the tote and carton heights to the operators' body height, operating range and field of vision. Inclined order and source totes enable the operators to optimally see the contents and provide for ergonomic grasping movements. Inclined displays support the natural inclination of the human visual angle and prevent reflections in the workstation area and on the displays.

Contract wins
In further news, TGW has been selected by Asda select to provide Home Shopping Centre #3 in Nottingham. It is the second order placed with TGW Northern Europe and the solution at each facility includes a tote conveyor transportation and sorting system, and TGW Stingray technology providing a buffer store for the order totes and the sequenced delivery of the order totes to the despatch vehicle loading operation.

TGW has also entered the Turkish market with its first systems integration project in the country. The order is from Mediterranean fashion brand, DeFacto. Part of the Ozon Giyim Group, DeFacto is entrusting TGW with the implementation of an extensive logistics installation at its new distribution centre in Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ, 100km west of Istanbul. As one of the top brands in the Mediterranean and with 190 stores in Turkey, DeFacto is investing in the facility to support its plans for future growth. 

A new 55,000 sq m logistics building will be constructed at the site. In this building TGW will install a carton warehouse with 12 aisles and a capacity of almost 200,000 storage locations. 12 Magito stacker cranes with Twister load handling devices will enable high storage and retrieval performance. A conveyor system, which will be specially adapted to DeFacto’s requirements and a tilt tray sorter will distribute the goods within the distribution centre. 

The entire installation will be controlled and organised by TGW’s Warehouse Management and Materials Flow Controls System.

The project is scheduled to go live in spring 2014, after which TGW’s specialist resident engineers will support DeFacto in maintaining the automated material handling solution.