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Reach trucks combine performance and ergonomics

27 January 2021

The Atlet Tergo range comprises five advanced reach trucks designed to provide the most ergonomic, efficient and productive performance in all types of materials handling operation.

The trucks have maximum working loads from 1200 to 2500kg and lift heights up to 12.1m to provide operators with total flexibility and choice across a complete range of applications.

The most powerful trucks in the range are designed to stack higher, heavier and faster in the most demanding and intensive 24/7 operations such as retail and food distribution.

The smaller and compact models are designed for operations where lighter loads and lower lifting heights are the norm, such as newer and growing businesses, and include the first reach truck from Atlet to offer 1200kg capacity.

The Atlet Tergo family of reach trucks represents a coming together of operator-centric ergonomic features, all designed remove the negative effects of repetitive strain and fatigue.


The unique mini steering wheel with floating armrest reduces RSI, across the shoulders, by 96% and the Ergologic multifunction control lever further reduces RSI risk by providing an ergonomic and balance driving position.

The electrically adjusted floor, sculpted seat back, weight sensitive seat suspension, tilting seat and driver operated powered battery change are all features that make the Tergo the world's most ergonomic reach truck

No matter what your cold store design – double-deep racking, mobile racking, drive-in racking, flow-through racking, satellite storage or conventional pallet storage – you’ll find an Atlet truck that suits perfectly.

Atlet Logistics Analyser (ALA) is a powerful simulation tool that allows us to design and calculate your cold store and truck fleet, assuring you the highest operational output. You can always call us – we’re happy to support you.