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Bendi saves, space, time & money

27 November 2013

As pioneers of the Articulated Forklift, Bendi have built their business delivering groundbreaking, innovative, space saving forklift trucks since 1964 and with a focus that has always been to design and produce warehouse and materials handling products that are both cost effective and at the very leading edge of our industry.

Each Bendi product has been created by listening to the marketplace and Bendi now have a range of trucks to suit almost any site, layout or budget, working in the narrowest aisles and the highest racking bays. If you need to reduce storage space in order to increase the amount stored, or reduce the space you store it in, there is not a more cost effective way to handle pallets on pallet racking.

The innovative design of the Bendi also results in increased operating efficiencies and reduced costs. Designed to operate outdoors, double handling is a thing of the past as the Bendi takes the product direct from the vehicle and straight to the racking or production areas, which means savings in time and further investment in other vehicle types. Compared to a typical VNA application, it is not uncommon to reduce your materials handling fleet by 50%, plus expensive and often restrictive guidance and super-flat floors are not required.

The extensive Bendi range of products includes:

Bendi B3 and B420 - Three and four wheel configuration models capable of working in aisles as small as 1.6m and lift heights up to 9m.

Bendi B420HL - Bendi’s flagship model, the High-Lift is designed to give optimal aisle performance and lift to heights of over 12.5m without the need for super-flat floors or expensive guidance.

Mini Bendi - Multi-award winning pedestrian articulated forklift truck, developed in answer to the significant call from the industry for a smaller, lighter machine that could handle UK style perimeter based pallets.

Bendi Longoader - A versatile multidirectional 4-way sideloading articulated truck designed to handle long and awkward loads as well as standard pallets.

Bendi Arctic - The new Bendi Arctic, complete with innovative full cold store cab, offers up to 50% aisle reduction offering huge cost savings to cold store operations. Either the size of the actual cold store can be reduced significantly or the amount of pallets can be increased thus reducing wasted energy costs.

Bendi Order Picker - A World first! The Bendi Articulated Order Picker is the first truck that is designed to do "self replenishment”. It has two pallet handling locations, which allows the operator to pick and replenish a location without having to call another machine for assistance.

With significant ongoing investment in the Bendi Rental fleet, all models are now available without the need for long term commitment. Please call the Bendi Rentals Hotline on 0845 180 4444.