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LGV offers all-round protection

15 January 2014

OCME LGVs are designed with all round protection to create a safe working environment. The onboard laser scanning devices bring the vehicle to a safe stop if they detect personnel or any obstacles that pose a collision risk. The vehicle also has acoustic and visual warning signals that make it clear to pedestrians if the vehicle is about to turn.

In addition to the safety of the vehicle itself, OCME also considers all safety aspects when designing the operating layout for their LGVs. They design the paths so that a safe distance is always maintained between an LGV and fixed obstacles. Blind alleys are avoided by designing escape routes and safe areas for pedestrians. OCME was judged Specialist Winner in the Automation category at the 2013 IMHX Design 4 Safety Awards.

LGVs as used to perform routine tasks that are normally carried out by forklifts, except there is no need for a driver. The cost saving associated with labour is significant. LGVs are also said to help reduce operating costs by reducing damage to equipment, goods and premises.

The OCME Auriga LGV is controlled from a central PC which is used to set the missions of the vehicles and manage the flow of traffic.