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Overhead conveyor contract signed

16 January 2014

Materials handling specialist, LB Foster Materials Handling, has won a substantial contract with SignFab UK. The contract, which was awarded through the third party consultant, Colour Dynamics, is for an overhead conveyor.

The design stage of the operation has been completed and early in 2014 LB Foster will be supplying and installing a manual conveyor with powered transfer sections. The conveyor will have the capacity to handle loads up to 5m long and weighing up to 400kg.

Located in Kettering, Colour Dynamics is a nationwide distributor of wet paint, powder coatings and all related products to the finishing industry. Managing director, Harry Adams, says: "Our objective was to facilitate the best group of companies who could deliver a cost effective paint processing facility for SignFab. This objective was made more challenging than normal, due to the volume of colours used in a shift at Signfab.

"LB Foster Materials Handling was the only company that came up with a system that fitted everything that we needed to achieve for the specific conveying operation – they presented a very clever but very simple design.”

SignFab is the UK’s leading trade only sign supplier and manufacturer. As part of the company’s expansion plans they require the overhead conveyor to transfer signs through their new paint process.