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Is this the world's most cost-effective fork truck?

10 February 2014

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks believes the new LPG version of its 1.5 to 3.5 tonne GRENDIA ES range could be the most cost-effective IC engine counterbalance truck ever built.

With fuel consumption around 40% lower than leading competitors, GRENDIA immediately has a distinct advantage. However, Mitsubishi says it is additional savings in maintenance – where long service intervals and RapidAccess panels typically halve bills and downtime – as well as reduced tyre and brake wear, that really drive home its claim to be the world's cheapest truck to own and run.Every aspect of day-to-day ownership has been optimised to save time and money.

Frequent tasks like pre-shift checks have been streamlined and simplified, while a factory-fit speed limiter as standard reduces wear and tear, saving time and money every time the truck is used. LED lights, fitted as standard, last the lifetime of the truck, eliminating the need to change bulbs.

Speaking on behalf of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, Stewart Gosling explained: "For most operators, the cost of running a forklift truck far outweigh the rental payments or purchase price. As fuel costs continue to soar, that situation is here to stay.

"We don't know of any truck that costs less to run than GRENDIA – and particularly the clean-burning LPG version.

"And when you combine those low fuel, downtime and maintenance costs with the famous Mitsubishi reliability and performance, it's easy to see why so many busy operations are choosing GRENDIA.”

The claim will be of particular interest to managers at clean, hygienic and indoor operations, where the truck's quiet, low-emission LPG engine comes into its own.

Crucially, this GRENDIA is fitted with a three-way catalytic converter as standard, dramatically reducing carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons emissions – as well as 95% of dangerous NOx gases – protecting stock and workers alike.

The working environment gains further protection from a surprising source: the Mitsubishi Belly Seal, which defends the truck's workings from debris on the floor, also prevents the engine from spreading dust and dirt into the air.

Stewart Gosling continued: "I think every materials handling worker and manager is familiar with the fine layer of dust that quickly builds up on your stock, and that uncomfortable, gritty feeling you can get after a long warehouse shift.

"That dust in the air is bad news for any produce or exposed stock, as well as for your health. And what you might not know is: it's your forklift truck that puts it there.

"The action of a fork lift engine naturally sucks dirt from the ground, forces it through the radiator – increasing engine wear – and casts it into the air.

"So as well as protecting the engine, the Belly Seal and enclosed wheel arches improves your working environment and prevents stock damage. Oh, and it keeps the noise level down to 78dBA, too.”

The complete package
The market-leading running costs and clean performance are only two strengths in a truck Mitsubishi describes as a dependable, all-round performer.

Like all GRENDIA trucks, the ES is safe, stable and intuitive to drive, with comfortable, car-style pedals and excellent visibility: vision through the six-roller mast is 38% greater than many other trucks, with the load and fork tips in constant view.

Operators will appreciate the unique way the speed limiter enhances safety without compromising performance on ramps.

Stewart Gosling concludes: "GRENDIA is simply a well thought-out, sturdily-built truck from top to bottom. It's strong, reliable and cheap to run – the world's favourite forklift, and for good reason!”