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Linde launches order picker for very narrow aisles

17 February 2014

Linde Material Handling has expanded its portfolio for very narrow aisle solutions with a range of modular medium-lift order pickers.

The new trucks – which have a load capacity of 1or 1.2 tonnes, a battery voltage of 24 or 48volts and picking heights of up to 12 metres - contain a number of features designed to increase operator comfort, ensure maximum safety and enhance the trucks’ performance when picking and storing goods.

To ensure operator comfort, the internal length of the cab has been increased to give greater freedom of movement, a stable floormat has been fitted on both sides of the cab to provide a secure foothold, and an anti-vibration mat with soft padding has been added to the centre of the cab to absorb shocks and enhance comfort.

The truck can optionally be equipped with an auxiliary fork lift of 740mm, making it faster and more comfortable for the operator to place goods onto the pallet. Tilting side barriers have also been added to enable the operator to reach goods stored further back in the racks.

The new order pickers are controlled by a console that is integrated into the cab and fitted with touch sensors, enabling the console to be operated with either hand. With its clear layout, the LCD multifunction display provides the driver with all key information at a glance, such as driving speed, operating hours, lift height, steering position, battery status and, optionally, load weight.

The new V trucks’ powerful, fully enclosed traction and lift motors enhance their productivity levels and allow them to travel at speeds of 9, 11 or 13 km/h with load. Further performance-enhancing features include the electronic Linde Curve Assist system, which adapts the driving speed in relation to the steering angle, and the Linde System Control truck control unit, which measures the lift height and adapts the driving speed accordingly.

To increase safety and handling performance, the new trucks can be fitted with an aisle safety scanner that detects tags or labels installed in the warehouse and triggers the corresponding driving commands such as slow down or stop as well as interlocks to avoid contact with fixed obstacles in particular locations. As well as helping the operator to safely negotiate obstacles in the warehouse this system also allows efficient, semi-automated navigation within the warehouse speeding up throughput and aiding accurate storage and retrieval of loads.

Further optional safety equipment includes load wheel brakes, the BlueSpot travel path warning unit and a collision protection sensor on the overhead guard which prevents the truck from striking obstacles at height.

To ensure the trucks are able to meet a wide variety of warehouse requirements, they have all been developed with a modular design. Four cab variants are available in ten different cab widths and with three different interior designs. Various load handling options and battery capacities are also available, as well as a choice of standard or triplex lift masts.

As Jana Vitkova, Warehouse Product Manager explains, Linde’s range of V trucks boasts exceptional ergonomics, performance and safety.

"Picking tasks can take up a large proportion of operators’ working day. In most cases operators spend significantly more time picking and storing goods than they spend actually driving so these latest modular order pickers have been designed with operator comfort very much in mind," she said.

"When using trucks in very narrow aisles, safety is also a key factor so we have introduced a variety of innovative safety features to this latest range of order pickers. And thanks to their modular design, the configuration of these new order pickers can be tailored to each customer’s specific requirements."