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Still enhances RX60 electric truck

06 March 2014

Still has responded to the developing trend towards e-mobility and demand for zero-emission electric trucks by enhancing the performance of its RX60 series of electric trucks.

The new RX60 can lift weights of up to eight tonnes. At the same time the compact power packs are easy to manage and extremely maneuverable. The main USP with the new RX60 is its low operating costs. The energy, maintenance and servicing costs are significantly lower compared to diesel or LPG trucks in this class.

The new RX60 is available with basic load capacities of six, seven and eight tonnes with a load centre of 900mm. With a truck length of less than 3500mm and a width of less than 1.68m (single wheels) or under 2m with dual wheels, the RX60-60/80 needs a turning radius of just three metres and can be used in working aisle widths of less than 5m. This makes the RX60-80 in particular one of the most compact trucks in its class.

The maintenance-free, encapsulated propulsion unit including multi-disk brakes makes the 80 Volt truck the ideal truck for combined use indoors and outdoors. It has a powerful, energy-efficient two-motor front wheel drive (2 x 10.5 kW) with energy recovery during braking. The truck has good acceleration characteristics and can reach top speeds of 17km/h. Still’s new power pack also scores points through its good tracking stability and excellent cornering properties. Tyre wear is kept low at the same time thanks to optimum steering geometry. As a standard the new truck is equipped with five different driving programs and the Blue-Q energy-saving function for energy savings of up to 10% (without sacrificing performance). As an option the operator can choose between single or double-pedal controls for acceleration and braking. In both options the trucks brakes electrically and thus entirely wear-free as soon as the foot is taken off the drive pedal.

With two powerful 21kW lift motors, the new Still RX60 achieves lifting speeds of up to 0.48m/s with extremely precise operating hydraulics. This ensures high work performances with low consumption. The optional telescopic or triple mast provides high stiffness without mast distortion and reaches lift heights of up to 8740mm (RX 60-60). The very sensitive driving and lifting controls also enable efficient and safe working at high shelf levels.

The powerful 1240Ah high-performance battery can be changed easily and safely in a sideways direction using a truck and without an overhead crane. This guarantees short battery change times and allows multi-shift operations around the clock.


Due to the standardised operating concept for all trucks in the RX series, there is no need for drivers of smaller truck classes to retrain. For example the truck is available with all the same equipment which is well known within the smaller capacities – e.g. operation by mini-lever, fingertip or joystick controls. Large-area, non-slip treads, together with grab handles on the overhead guard and battery cover ensure safe ascent and entry into the cabin. The asymmetrically designed driver’s cab is shifted sideways to the left on the chassis and the driver’s seat raised for better orientation and to give good all-round visibility. This allows the operator an unobstructed view on the left - past the mast and forwards over the goods. A large window in the roof and visually optimised protective canopy pillars together with a heated rear window pane ensure a free view even in cold environments. This enables the driver to move goods in and out of storage efficiently and safely even at high shelf levels.

FleetManager 4.x, which is available as an option, also ensures security and transparency for the new RX60 models. Individually definable access authorisations ensure a specific configuration of the driver profiles. A customisable report query allows every fleet manager to gain an easy overview and optimum utilisation of his vehicle fleet. Both individual truck details and reports about the entire industrial truck fleet can be prepared and assessed without any problems. Due to its built-in shock detection system, FleetManager 4.x also contributes to reducing impact damage, thus ensuring safe working.

As a result of its high performance with precise hydraulics, well thought-out truck ergonomics and customisable equipment options, the RX60-60/80 is an ideal all-rounder for heavy transport tasks, even in wet or dusty environments. For example it has no problems transporting and handling heavy rolls of paper, bulky machines and large load carriers or up to eight palettes of drinks. Due to its completely emission-free drive system, easy mode of operation and small turning radius; it is also the right choice for transport tasks in production halls or for efficiently loading and unloading HGVs.