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Protection package increases working life & cuts fuel bills

14 March 2014

The latest range of GRENDIA ES 1.5 to 3.5 tonne range diesel counterbalance trucks from Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks will be fitted with full belly plate and, uniquely, with sealed rear wheel arches as standard.

The decision – believed to be an industry first – is a key factor in the manufacturer’s drive to minimise downtime and maximise long-term reliability in the toughest operating conditions.

At the same time, GRENDIA’s lean-burn, low fuel consumption engines make the range one of the most cost-effective fork trucks available.

The Belly Seal protective package, now standard on all GRENDIA ES diesel models, comprises a full belly plate with sealed rear wheel arches plus cyclone air filter, which combine to prevent dust and dirt being drawn up into the engine where it can cause damage and clog the radiator.  As a result, GRENDIA models will offer a longer working life, lower maintenance and lower running costs. It is understood that no other manufacturer offers this as standard.

At the heart of the GRENDIA is a genuine, industrial-designed engine with chain drive camshaft – again as standard – that eliminates the need for a timing belt and associated replacement downtime and maintenance costs.