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Tonero forklifts with hydrostatic transmission

09 April 2014

Toyota Material Handling is providing customers extra choice with the introduction of Toyota Tonero diesel-powered forklift trucks, available with a hydrostatic transmission (HST) system as an option.

In response to customers’ demands relating to driver preference and suitability for different applications, Toyota now offers the choice of hydrostatic transmission (HST) or hydrodynamic transmission (torque convertor). This option is initially available in the Toyota Tonero 2.0 to 2.5 tonne diesel models, but will gradually be introduced to the Tonero 1.5 - 3.5 tonne range.

The Toyota Tonero HST is built on the same chassis as the standard Tonero (torque converter) and therefore has the same benefits including; Toyota’s unique System of Active Stability (SAS) for unmatched stability, outstanding all-round visibility for increased safety, durable industrial engines and high reliability provided by the Toyota Production System (TPS) manufacturing process.

In line with Toyota’s considered approach to introducing new models, Toyota have conducted trials with the Tonero HST in the UK with a variety of companies, including current Tonero torque converter users and drivers with experience of operating a forklift with hydrostatic drive. The companies were chosen based on the suitability of this forklift for their operation.

Dave Rylance, product manager at Toyota explains: "We appreciated companies taking the time to offer their feedback and have been overwhelmed by the positive results. The HST option on the Tonero forklift truck can be a good option for a small proportion of companies who are doing short runs, stopping on ramps or where the operator is more familiar with the way this truck drives. The great thing for us is that we can now offer both options; therefore we can put the customers operation and people at the heart of decisions."

The Toyota Tonero HST will be one of the many new products, solutions and technologies that Toyota Material Handling will be presenting at Pavilion 32 CeMAT 2014 in Hannover (19th-23rd May).