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Lorry hits forklift killing driver

10 April 2014

Food manufacturer AAK is being prosecuted by the Health & Safety Executive after a forklift driver was killed at one of its factories in the North West.

Michael Moran, aged 49, from Warrington was working at the AAK UK factory in Runcorn when his forklift truck was struck by a reversing lorry. The truck overturned, killing Mr Moran.

The Health and Safety Executive is bringing criminal proceedings against the company following an investigation into Mr Moran’s death, which occurred in 2011.

The Handling & Storage Solutions Safer Logistics Campaign

Handling & Storage Solutions has launched the Safer Logistics campaign to promote health and safety awareness in logistics in 2014.

We were inspired to launch the campaign by the Health and Safety Executive encouraging all stakeholders to show leadership and ‘be part of the solution’.

It is vital to push home the message that poor health & safety practices have no place in the modern logistics world.

What you can do

Clear safety first principles are worth repeating.

- If you doubt the safety of a working practice, stop. Talk to your supervisor or manager and agree a safe way of proceeding. Don’t carry on and hope for the best.

- No matter who you are in the management structure or workforce, take responsibility for your safety, don’t assume someone else has taken care of it.

AAK UK has been charged with single breaches of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

The charges relate to failing to ensure Mr Moran’s safety, and failing to properly assess the risks workers’ faced.

The company will appear before Liverpool Magistrates’ Court.