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DHL launches training scheme for warehouse shift managers

30 April 2014

Following last year’s ‘Efficient Warehouse Practices’program for GMs, DHL Supply Chain has partnered with Cranfield School of Management to deliver a program designed for shift managers.

As part of its ‘First Choice Employer’ initiative, during the past year nine courses have been held for GMs, with responsibility for running more than 100 UK warehouses, covering issues as Planning & Control, Labour Management, Warehouse Layout, Materials Handling, Goods in and Putaway, Picking and Packing, and Loading.

On completion of the course, and with mentoring from a nominated senior management representative, delegates were then tasked with producing a detailed Site Action Plan to deliver cost savings, with progress regularly tracked and reviewed.

"Last year’s pilot proved so beneficial in equipping our warehouse managers with the latest skills and techniques todrive efficiency into ourcustomers’ supply chains, that we decided to develop a version specifically for our shift managers, with a more practical and less strategic emphasis,” explains Chris Sharp, Chief Operating Officer at DHL Supply Chain. "However, to minimise disruption to the business, a critical session of the new two day course is run remotely by interactive webinar from Cranfield University, which is proving very effective.”