Bendy Boom updated

02 June 2014

Vehicle loader and conveyor manufacturer Sovex launched a new compact version of its award winning Bendy Boom at CeMAT.

The Bendy Boom vehicle loader has proved very popular with Sovex customers and has won multiple industry awards such as the UK Made in the Northwest Award and the Innovation and Creativity Award at the Wirral Business Awards.

The new smaller Bendy Boom extends to 12m compared to 15m and has a smaller footprint of 6m compared to 7.5m. Even though it is compact it still has all the features customers are looking for such as boom end lights and features which protect the workforce such as underside covers and chain guards.

The Bendy Boom is a single vehicle loading system that can load and unload any height and length of vehicle. The Bendy Boom allows post and parcel handlers to unload vans, trailers and containers on the same loading dock.

The Bendy Boom was designed by Sovex’s design team for DPD in 2011 and provides extreme flexibility. The front boom can bend to -25 degrees allowing for a variety of vehicles to be serviced by the same machine.

The telescopic boom conveyor extends into vehicles, sea containers, transit vans and everything in between – and drastically reduces the time and manpower required to load and unload products.