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Warehouse door developed to speed up parcel movement

11 June 2014

The rise of online shopping and the increased demand for parcel deliveries is a trend that is set to continue across Europe. In the UK, the Royal Mail is predicting that by 2023 UK parcel deliveries will reach 2.3 billion items a year.

This increased demand for parcel services has prompted Hörmann to develop a loading bay door specifically to meet the needs of parcel delivery companies. Introduced at CeMAT in Hannover, the Parcel Walk door has been designed to readily accommodate loading and unloading of both vans and trucks from the same level access bay.

The door includes a detachable lower section which has a pedestrian walkway attached. When working with vans, the door opens as normal, lifting the "catwalk” up out of the way.

It is when working with trucks and demountable bodies that the door comes into its own. The lower section is unlocked from the upper and this leaves the pedestrian walkway between two access piers. This allows easy access to the inside of the truck for loading and unloading purposes.

This new door is particularly suitable for use with conveyor systems, often employed in parcel handling operations.

The Parcel Walk door can be supplied with the compact WA 300 SA operator, with soft start, soft stop  as standard. This adds to the longevity of the doors as well as ensuring it is smooth and quiet operation.

Key Points

• Door developed for parcels market.
• Has detachable lower section with walkway.
• Suitable for use with conveyor systems.

This device includes force limitation which means that a closing edge safety device is not needed as the door will stop automatically if it encounters an obstruction. 
From a cost point of view, this operator uses approximately 75% less power than a comparable three phase device and is around 30 per cent cheaper too.

This new design is yet another option from Hörmann, that meets the changing demands of the logistics industry. This new development, for level access bays, joins the split lip telescopic dock leveller as a solution to manage vans alongside trucks.