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Made to boost profits

09 July 2014

Atlet says every one of its forklift trucks are developed and produced for a specific reason: to improve the customer’s profitability.

Many of our forklifts are tailor-made for the unique challenges that await them in material handling operations at companies, warehouses and industries worldwide.

And since we develop, construct and assemble our forklifts in Mölnlycke, Sweden, they can be manufactured according to each customer’s specific demands.

We develop and produce our forklifts in the Products division. The division is co-located in Mölnlycke with the head office, and has about 200 employees. Our staff produce around 5,000 high quality forklift trucks annually. Manufacturing mainly includes welding, surface treatment and forklift assembly. Every fifth forklift is produced to specific customer specifications, creating a need for flexibility.

Having all the functions in the same building provides excellent flexibility. Engineers, purchasers, manufacturing engineers and production staff can easily meet to solve problems and share ideas. We have adopted Lean thinking since 2006, implemented as Atlet Operations System (AOS) throughout the division.

Made to order

All Atlet forklifts are made to order. And since a forklift is a long-term investment that’s used daily for up to 15 years, it’s important that every truck is prepared to satisfy future needs. When the customer and our sales representative have defined what the forklift truck needs to accomplish, an order is placed. Subsequently, it is produced according to the specifications of that order.

To be able to develop and produce customised forklift trucks, we have a highly specialised assembly department including both fixed stations (for large trucks) and line production where the forklifts are transferred between various stations. The mast, which is the backbone of the forklift, is built manually or by using welding robots, and then surface treated and painted at our own facility. The lead time from order to delivery is usually 3 to 15 weeks, depending on forklift model and order situation.

Our forklifts are based on seven basic chassis with less than 3,500 components that are exhaustively tested for superior reliability. Based on these chassis and many modular variations, such as mast alternatives, we can provide thousands of customised trucks, each featuring the highest possible technical and ergonomic standards. This modular system is the backbone of our efficient product development and every Atlet forklift truck’s care-free lifecycle.