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Transformers walk on air

20 August 2014

Since the 1970s Solving has been providing Air Film Movers to all the major transformer manufacturers to enable these industrial giants to be moved, efficiently and safely through production, into test and beyond, enabling cranes to be dedicated to essential assembly processes.

Power transformers, installed around the world to enable electrical energy to be conveyed at high voltage from power stations to cities and towns, are among the heaviest objects to be found in today’s manufacturing facilities.

Transformers weighing up to 500 tonnes are frequently moved on Solving equipment. The latest Movers incorporate sophisticated drives and controls using programmable computers and guidance systems to minimise risk and maximise safety.

A single operator, using a radio controlled remote handset, is able to position a Mover under one or more pallets carrying a 400-tonne transformer, rotate it, steer it and manoeuvre the load to its desired location.

The same principle is regularly applied to heavy loads throughout industry, and Solving’s latest developments incorporate automatic guidance, laser detection of obstructions and a variety of safety systems to minimise any risk of injury.