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DAF extra quiet CF truck for night deliveries

03 September 2014

At the IAA 2014, which is being held in Hanover from 25 September to 2 October, DAF will introduce an extremely quiet CF for urban distribution during the evening and at night. The CF Silent will be available from the beginning of 2015.

DAF developed the CF Silent for urban distribution during the evenings and at night. When the CF Silent is set to its special 'Silent mode', the noise level is no more than 72 dB(A), which means that the CF complies with the conditions for certification as a Quiet Truck and enables goods to be loaded and unloaded in areas where evening, night-time or early morning noise restrictions apply.

The new DAF CF Silent is equipped with a 10.8 litre PACCAR MX-11 Euro 6 engine with ratings of 210 kW/290 hp to 320 kW/440 hp and that is already well-known for its low noise levels.

There is a special 'Silent' button on the dashboard. If it is pressed, the engine software switches to a programme that limits the torque and engine speed. Gears are changed at lower engine speeds then. The encapsulation of the gearbox also contributes to the noise reduction.

DAF will supply the extra quiet CF distribution truck from the beginning of 2015 as a 4x2 rigid and tractor, with the option of a Day Cab, Sleeper Cab and a Space Cab and, of course, a wide range of wheel base options.