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Warehouse worker stole stock and sold it on eBay

23 September 2014

Kevin Smith, who worked for shoe firm Charles Clinkard, pleaded guilty to the theft of shoes over a seven-year period between February 2007 and August this year.

The firm claims £80,000 of stock was lost, reported Gazette Live.

The prosecutor said inquiries were still ongoing over exactly how long the thefts went on and the total amount of money lost.

The case has not yet been opened fully in court and there may be dispute over the volume or value of goods stolen.

Shoes were stolen and sold on the auction website eBay, said Judge Simon Bourne-Arton QC.

Uzma Khan, defending, said Smith, of Fulbeck Road, Netherfields, Middlesbrough, made £11,000 from the eBay sales over the last year, with six pairs of shoes sold on a weekly basis.

She said: "He has been working with the company for over a decade.

"He was working in a branch and didn’t have access in the same way to the items until 2011 when he started working in the warehouse, when he committed the offences.”