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Forklift Summit sees UniCarriers complete re-brand and launch models

23 September 2014

The UniCarriers Group has moved to unify the forklift brands within the company. The company was formed in 2011 from Atlet, Nissan Forklift and TCM. Forklifts will now be sold under the UniCarriers brand.

The exception is the Atlet warehouse range, which will be known as ‘Atlet by UniCarriers’.

From next April, the Nissan brand will no longer be used in association with forklifts.

In the UK, Atlet has long operated on a subsidiary basis, while Nissan forklifts have been distributed through a dealer network.

Grey will be the main product colour across the brands, replacing silver (Nissan) and yellow (Atlet, TCM).

The Forklift Summit took place recently in Gothenburg, close to the UniCarriers Swedish production plant in Mölnlycke.

The company also unveiled several product developments.

GX move
UniCarriers is moving the production of its GX range from Japan to Spain. From January 2015, the first forklifts in the series will roll off the production line in Pamplona. As a result of the change in production, customers will benefit from shorter delivery times, more flexible customisation of the counterbalance truck to European needs and a more economical price. Moreover, the model range scores points with the familiar, high product quality and efficient motors.

PDP 200
With the introduction of the new PDP 200, UniCarriers combines maximum efficiency with long distance capacity. With the option of transporting two pallets at once in every cycle, the double stacker improves the turnover rate for cross-docking. Available with folding operator platform and foldable side protection bars or driver protected platform, ergonomic and safe work is guaranteed even over longer distances.

PSP 125 & PSP 160

UniCarriers is launching a new range of manoeuvrable high lift trucks for warehouse logistics. The PSP 125 and PSP 160 models are ideal aides for internal transport even over longer distances as well as for stacking processes at heights up to 4,190 mm (PSP 125) or 5,400 mm (PSP 160). One special feature is the low width of the forklifts, which – at only 770 mm – is narrower than a euro-pallet and facilitates storage and retrieval in confined spaces. With its compact dimensions and load capacities of 1,250 kg for lighter applications (PSP 125) and 1,600 kg for heavier loads (PSP 160), the range is extremely versatile.

Tergo UFW multidirectional truck
The Tergo UFW multidirectional truck is designed specifically for the requirements in the transport and stacking of long goods and all kind of pallet loads with the same performance as a heavy duty reach truck. To this end, the centre distance of the forks can be hydraulically enlarged as standard. The advantage: all loads can be held conveniently and transported safely. Moreover, the unique Tergo ergonomics together with excellent visibility through mast, overhead guard and pillars in accordance with the new ProVision concept, guarantees all-round vision at all times. With an additional reverse travel camera the ends of the load remain completely visible, which allows particularly precise manoeuvring of the load.

Tergo YRS narrow aisle truck
The Tergo URS turret truck is augmenting the Atlet product family from UniCarriers. With this model range, UniCarriers Group offers bespoke industrial trucks for warehouse logistics. The new forklift has the smallest turning circle in its class and can operate easily and safely in warehouses with particularly narrow aisles. Moreover, it has an ergonomically optimised chassis. Individually adjustable seat height, back rest and positioning of controls provide a working environment that guarantees maximum user comfort.