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ABB automates its warehouse with the help of Swisslog

13 October 2014

Swisslog has received its latest order to create a state-of-the-art AutoStore facility in Switzerland.

Power and automation technology leader ABB has commissioned Swisslog to integrate this automated small parts storage system into the existing space at its site in Schaffhausen. This will allow ABB to merge and further optimise its logistics processes for low-voltage products.

AutoStore is a flexible solution concept for storing and picking single items and small parts. It is particularly well suited for warehouses where existing standard solutions reach their limits. The installation for ABB will comprise 10,300 bins stacked on top of each other in a self-supporting modular aluminum grid. The AutoStore system is operated by robots, which retrieve the required bins from the AutoStore grid using their built-in lift, and transport them to the integrated picking stations. The control and warehouse management system WM6 will coordinate all warehouse movements.

Before deciding on a provider, ABB Switzerland evaluated a variety of automated bin storage solutions. A major reason why Swisslog was awarded this project was its ability to optimise the storage capacity of the existing warehouse space.

"We are very excited to expand our excellent cooperation with ABB through this project,” adds Daniel Hauser, MD of Swisslog in Switzerland, in reference to the order received from the power and automation technology leader.