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New Toyota forklift engine meets stringent emissions regulations

14 October 2014

Toyota Material Handling launched a new Toyota 41kW diesel engine for Tonero torque converter forklifts for 1.5 to 3.5t models, to help improve engine efficiency.

The new industrial engines have been designed and produced in-house, enabling a unique control over quality, reliability and durability. The new engine boasts high productivity in material handling operations combined with low energy consumption to help keep running costs low. It is 28% more energy efficient than its predecessor and exceeds the requirements set by the European Union exhaust emission regulation Stage 3B.

This new engine - the 1ZS- lives up to Toyota’s reputation for delivering exceptional efficiency in material handling. An inline, 3-cylinder, turbo-charged engine which uses common-rail direct fuel injection, which is the ideal power unit when it comes to high-intensity stacking, long-distances and high-travel speed applications. The variable nozzle turbocharger is controlled electronically to deliver high torque even at low engine speeds and is the most compact on the market. In terms of cost benefits.

The new engine technology eliminates the need for the diesel particulate filter (DPF) - typically installed on diesel engines to meet Stage 3B emission levels - and therefore any kind of associated maintenance and operational costs.

Key Points

• Meets Stage 3B emission levels.

• No need for the diesel particulate filter (DPF).

• 41kW diesel engine for 1.5 to 3.5t models.
• Designed and produced in-house.

The Toyota Tonero forklifts will also include a number of additional features to improve productivity and energy efficiency. One of these is the Load Sensing Power Steering (LSPS) which is fitted as standard. This controls oil flow for power steering according to the load weight, benefitting fuel consumption. This also leads to low effort steering control and contributes to better driveability for the operator. Several additional features are available including eco-mode to give additional fuel optimisation while maintaining the engine’s high torque. Furthermore, an auto-stop function on the Toyota Tonero can be pre-set to stop the engine automatically when left idling, reducing customers’ overall fuel consumption.

The new 41kW completes the Toyota engine offer and goes alongside the existing Toyota 36kW engine – further improved with Load Sensing Power Steering.

Dave Rylance, counterbalance product manager from Toyota Material Handling UK says: "This new range of Toyota engines have been designed to suit all applications from low to high intensity and help us to deliver increased fuel efficiency for our customers.”