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Talkin’ ‘bout my generation

08 January 2015

The new generation of reach trucks from Linde Material Handling is raising the limits in its class.


This applies not just to their outstanding ergonomics, safety and high productivity, but the extensive range of models available. Whatever your needs Linde has a solution from a  vast range of reach trucks.

In 2013 Linde Material Handling launched the new R14-R20 Performance range with load capacities from 1.4 to 2 tonnes and since then have continued to expand the range to meet the needs of customers – offering narrow chassis versions, heavy duty masts, indoor/outdoor version and specially designed trucks for light to medium duty applications – Linde has the complete range. Their modern, manoeuvrable design, further increases the productive flow of goods in the warehouse and a whole host of new technical solutions make the trucks more comfortable, powerful, safer and easier to service – what’s more many of these new features come as standard.

The R14-R20 Performance range has lift heights to 13 metres, ensuring that additional pallet storage locations can be reached, maximising the use of warehouse space. The technology behind this feature is the lift mast concept with stronger profiles that reinforce the mast and enable a reduction in mast deflection in combination with a residual load capacity that has been increased by up to 20%. Operators can adjust the steering wheel, display, joysticks and armrest to suit their comfort with the adjustable operating console. Vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces, are shielded from the operator by an air-sprung seat – an innovation for seat comfort in this truck class throughout the industry. Innovative damping features protect the operator from bangs and knocks as the work space is uncoupled from the rest of the chassis. For an unobstructed upward view the truck can be kitted out with an optional end-to-end, panoramic toughened glass roof, which also protects the operator from falling objects.

If your application is more light to medium duty then Linde’s B range (R10B to R16B 1.0-1.6 tonne load capacity) supplements the current reach truck series as entry-level models, but still retains some of the key ergonomic and safety features as standard. These features include the uncoupled workstation, tilting mast with lift height up to 7.7 metres, the operating console that can be adjusted longitudinally, the rheological steering system (which enables the steering resistance and number of steering turns to be set), the height adjustable operator’s seat, the load wheel brakes, the adjustable forward reach and pull back damping for the lift mast and the end position damping for the upper end stop. The series equipment also includes important safety functions such as Linde Curve Assist, which adapts the driving speed proportionally around bends, as well as total of four completely independent braking systems and lift height display above the free lift. The B range offers a cost-effective alternative for applications that do not constantly demand highly intensive usage.

For applications combining narrow aisle stacking duties with the need to work on less than perfect external and internal surfaces for either pallet transfers or lorry loading/unloading. The Linde G series provides the perfect solution with its large cushion tyres able to cope with varying surfaces encountered on sites where previously it might have been necessary to use two different types of trucks. The operator of a G series reach truck enjoys all the benefits of the performance range reach truck offering the perfect solution.

And, last but by no means least the revolutionary X range of reach trucks which turned reach truck design around by relocating the battery under the operators compartment offering operators double the space in the cab providing a spacious working environment. The battery relocation enabled an entirely new mast concept to be developed resulting in a panoramic window between the mast uprights. 

The complete reach truck range offers a number of features to meet customers specific requirements resulting in maximum utilisation of the equipment and its operators with the best possible cost and efficiency ratios.