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HS2 impacts Waitrose fulfillment plans

08 January 2015

Waitrose will open a bespoke dot.com fulfilment centre in Coulsdon on 3 March 2015. This facility will employ 450 staff by the end of January 2016.

This is designed to more than offset the closure of its Acton fulfilment centre in Spring 2015. This centre will almost certainly be the subject of a compulsory purchase order for HS2 in 2017. Waitrose is consulting staff about this now so they can take advantage of the job opportunities created by the opening of Coulsdon.

The company says: "This Coulsdon centre will have twice the capacity of Acton and so, along with vacancies in nearby branches, there will be enough employment opportunities for all Acton Partners. Waitrose.com customers in London will continue to receive the same level of service.”

The DFC at Acton, which occupies 37,000 sq ft, was formerly used as a John Lewis warehouse and in 2011 was converted, providing additional capacity for Waitrose.com orders in London.

The DFC at Coulsdon will be a purpose-built modern operation with over 80,000 sq ft and double the capacity of the Acton DFC.