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Payload climbs 30% with new vertical lift

11 February 2015

The Modula vertical lift and storage system from Couzens Storage Systems now comes with 30% more tray load capacity up to 990kg, providing engineering and manufacturing users with more space efficient heavy-duty storage and picking.

Total load capacity for any Modula unit is 60 tonnes, providing 209 m² of usable storage area with sixty trays in 18.34m² with an external picking bay. Width, depth and load capacity tray variants provide 32 different options up to 4.06m x 0.857m, delivering 3.48m² usable space and 990kg per tray.

They are used to store anything from jigs, tools, cable, spare parts and electrical items up to heavy engineering parts and components by companies in the UK such as GlaxoSmithKline, IMM Hydraulics, KM Products (automotive parts) and SAPA (metal building components).

Marketed in the UK by Couzens Storage Systems and designed and produced by international engineering specialist System Logistics S.p.A, Modula is a proven and established automated vertical lift system in world-wide use.

With even more capacity inside the same footprint, Modula can save up to 90% floor space and even make the difference between staying or moving premises, using available and often unused and overlooked headroom.

Providing faster, safe handling, the machine uses a powered tray to present items stored outside the machine’s confines where they can be accessed by powered lifting equipment such as a hoist, crane or fork truck for transport to a work station, production line or despatch.