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Plastic containers on demand for all industries

20 January 2015

By popular demand SSI Schaefer in the UK launches their Webshop for ordering plastic totes and containers online for direct delivery.

The comprehensive range is designed for all types of industry from automotive, pharmaceutical, food and distribution. They have selected the most popular selling lines for the launch period.

The Webshop is split into five categories comprising stacking, nesting, folding, euro size containers together with shelving containers and accessories. Over 80 different containers are available to order in a variety of colours.

As the world leader in logistic solutions Schaefer has developed more than 2,000 types of high quality warehouse, order picking and transport boxes. Whether boxes are needed for electrical parts, automotive accessories, mail order items, computer chips, food or paperback books Schaefer has exactly the right solution.

Schaefer customers can enter an order online any time and received the required number of containers in a matter of days.

Mike Alibone, Marketing and Business Development Manager at SSI Schaefer says: "It was a natural extension of our customer service to produce a Plastics Webshop exclusively for our UK customers so they can quickly order off the shelf containers and boxes that they use time and again.

"The demand for plastic containers is growing due to their versatility, longevity and enhanced level of protection for contents, along with the added security through strapping and sealing. Our customers often repeat their orders as their demand requires.”

Visit the Plastics Webshop and see the range for yourself.