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UniCarriers presents brand unity

23 January 2015

UniCarriers Group was created in 2011 from the mergers of the three brands Atlet, Nissan Forklift and TCM.

Under the new brand name, the company unites over 65 years of product and market know-how. 

From next April, the Nissan brand will no longer be used in association with forklifts. In the UK, Atlet has long operated on a subsidiary basis, while Nissan forklifts have been distributed through a dealer network. These routes to market will remain in place under the new structure. The subsidiary being UniCarriers and the indirect group branded as TCM.

The Japanese investment fund that is the majority shareholder of UniCarriers intends to develop the company as a leading global supplier of MHE. A key part of this strategy is making forklifts in Europe for the European market.

Europe now has two manufacturing plants to cater for the regional market - Pamplona, Spain for counterbalance trucks and Mölnlycke, Sweden for warehouse trucks. The group achieved €1.3bn in sales last year, with €253m in Europe.

In the financial year 2013, the group employed 5,208 people worldwide and achieved a turnover of 1.314 billion euro.

In its products, UniCarriers unites the competences of the three original brands. This gives rise to solutions that meet high demands in terms of technology, quality, ergonomics and design as well as the highest production standards. The product portfolio includes warehouse and counterbalance trucks as well as specific solutions for special applications, for example such as in port logistics.

With the different products from the UniCarriers portfolio, users can cover all industrial truck requirements indoors and outdoors: for warehouse uses, forklifts are available for loading and unloading, transporting, stacking and picking. They have load capacities from 800 to 3,000 kg and reach trucks lifting heights up to 13.800 mm. The range is rounded off with counterbalance trucks for outdoors with an electric drive or combustion engine. Here, load capacities up to 5,000 kg are available with a maximum lift height of 7,000 mm.

Modular concept
One feature of the UniCarriers lift trucks is their modular construction. All solutions for the warehouse area are based on seven base chassis, which can be extended with different modules. Because all parts are interchangeable, the number of parts and individual components required for the different forklifts is minimised. Consequently, the UniCarriers service technicians can complete their work on the first visit in 95 percent of cases. Customers benefit from greater availability and minimal downtimes of their equipment.

All UniCarriers forklifts offer numerous standard and optional safety systems, which minimise the risks in the workplace. To protect the driver from accidents, the chassis is fitted for example with side protection bars and an optional overhead guard. Many technical options here also help to create a safe working environment:

  • UniCarriers Truck Computer (UTC): Through an access control, the on-board computer prevents unauthorised use of the forklift. A further feature is the automatic safety check: this ensures the fault-free function of all systems before travel begins.
  • Stability Support System (S3): In potentially hazardous situations, such as when cornering or during lifting of the forks, the Stability Support System reduces the speed of the forklift. The lifting speed can also be adapted to the height of the forks.
  • Active Spin Reduction (ASR): When driving on a wet surface or in the case of loss of traction, the forklift automatically reduces the speed until there is sufficient traction. In addition to improving safety, this also reduces wear on the wheels.

For work that is especially gentle on health, all UniCarriers forklift trucks are designed ergonomically. The driver can configure many elements of the cab equipment individually – such as the arm- and backrest or the seat and floor position. New developments such as the Ergologic joystick, which controls nine different functions of the lift mast, or the UniCarriers mini steering wheel allow a relaxed posture whilst working and prevent signs of fatigue.