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Heavy truck packs a punch

05 February 2015

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has launched the TREXiA EX, a new range of 10.0 to 16.0 tonne diesel IC engine trucks.

The truck benefits from a class-leading, fully-floating powertrain which ensures power on demand – with plenty to spare. At its heart, an intelligent 4.4 litre Perkins engine that, thanks to an advanced software and intelligent controller, packs the punch of a much larger engine (129 kW), while achieving full torque at low revs. 

The efficient, air-to-air charge cooled engines give TREXiA EX its characteristic responsiveness and high power density, while driving fuel consumption down – delivering 13% more fuel efficiency compared with previous models.

It’s Power Take Off feature transmits full power to the hydraulic pump and the parking brake circuit, without the drive gear losing any power. In addition, front-end attachments benefit from operating power to spare – with 206 bar available.

Designed for clean-running and low maintenance, the new range meets the latest and most stringent emissions requirements, including Stage IIIB. 

TREXiA EX’s advanced, low-maintenance after treatment regenerates the diesel particulate filter during day-to-day use – without the need for burn-off or chemicals – reducing downtime and costs, while ensuring maximum performance.

All of the five models offers easy access for routine checks and fluid top-ups, thanks to TREXiA’s RapidAccess design. The seat assembly tilts back effortlessly, ensuring the engine compartment is within easy reach. Meanwhile, intelligent engine management – fully integrated into the Mitsubishi Vehicle Control Module by CAN-bus – heads off trouble by recognising abuse. 

TREXiA EX has been developed to be intuitive to drive by giving operators the precise, predictable and effortless performance they need to maximise their potential – whatever the environment. 

The heavy-duty diesels – which reach a top speed of 32 km/h – are exceptionally agile. Three short-wheelbase models – just 2800 mm – ensure TREXiA can handle heavy loads, even in tight spaces. 

TREXiA’s distinctive body curves are ingeniously designed to ensure exceptional forward and reverse visibility. Forward vision is further enhanced thanks to the mast’s narrow mast channels, slim lift cylinders and six-roller mast with side rollers. 

Noise-related fatigue was a big concern for designers, so every effort has been taken to dampen vibrations and quieten operations. Inside, TREXiA’s fully-floating powertrain features a stabiliser system to further reduce vibration.