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Putting off expansion because of planning permission?

05 February 2015

With the concept of temporary buildings and structures being a relatively new one, albeit becoming a more considered and alternative option to permanent storage solutions, prospective customers often have limited knowledge in terms of whether they need planning permission or not.

Aganto, the UK’s leading temporary building specialists, have long realised that to combat and pre-empt the worries and concerns of businesses wanting a temporary structure, they need to have a ready-made, pre-fixed solution to any planning query.

Rather than have a generic set of guidelines, or step by step process which invariably leads to a government planning portal, Aganto actually work hand in hand with Mosaic Town Planning, an agency which has a 100% success rate in securing approved planning permission for Aganto temporary buildings.

Due to the grey, shrouded remit of planning permission requisites, there are no hard and fast rules on the guaranteed approval of a project. Factors can be determined by structure size, type and proposed location.

Aganto fully realise that the science of planning permission is best left to the experts, and Mosaic Town Planning are one of the most successful planning agencies, choosing to work exclusively with Aganto. Indeed this unique and fruitful partnership allows a more integrated, full service approach, a ‘one stop shop’ to get the project moving- and moving fast.

Aside from having such success in securing the go-ahead for all Aganto buildings requiring planning permission, Mosaic also do it swiftly and smoothly to help speed up the installation of the Aganto temporary structure.

Any Aganto enquiry related to planning is immediately directed to Mosaic for a free initial consultation. The close relationship between Aganto and Mosaic allows the service to be consumer-centric; both parties understanding the frustrations and obstacles often in the way.

Currently Aganto and Mosaic Town Planning are making it the even easier way to get more space by offering deductions on their services if you instruct Mosaic to secure planning permission on your desired Aganto temporary building.

Contact Mosaic Town Planning for more details on 0161 638 8654 or for all other temporary building enquiries call Aganto on 01635 896745.