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Notorious gang jailed after huge pharma warehouse theft

16 March 2015

Members of a crime gang that stole more than $50 million of pharmaceuticals from a US warehouse have finally been sentenced.

The latest, Alexander Marquez was sentenced to one year in jail for his role in the theft at the Eli Lilly facility. One of the masterminds of the multi-million drug theft, Yosmany Nunez (also known as El Gato, or the Cat), was earlier sentenced to six years in jail.

In 2010, the thieves dropped off a ladder in the rear parking lot of the warehouse facility. That night, Marquez drove a tractor trailer to the facility. Afterwards, accomplices carried the ladder to the building, checked for security in the front area, climbed onto the roof, used tools purchased from Home Depot to cut a hole in the facility roof, dropped down into the facility and disabled the alarm system. The men then loaded more than 40 pallets of pharmaceuticals into the tractor trailer, which had been backed up to the loading dock of the warehouse.

The pallets of pharmaceuticals included thousands of boxes of medicine including Prozac, valued by the FBI at between $50 and $100 million. In October 2011, law enforcement authorities searched a storage facility in Florida and recovered the huge haul of pharmaceuticals.