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Terex Port Solutions launches reach stacker forklift

30 March 2015

The company has debuted the Liftace 5-31 reach stacker and the Stackace empty container handler will follow in the coming months.

With a wheelbase of 6,200 mm the Liftace 5-31 reach stacker can stack up to five high-cube (9‘6‘‘) containers in the first row. In addition to the Liftace-typical 45t in the first row, the maximum load capacity is 31t in the second row and 15t in the third row. The robust design of the new handling machine is demonstrated, by its advanced boom design, among other features. Thanks to improved inherent rigidity and increased radius, it permits more accurate and faster operation.

On all new lift trucks TPS combines modules from its own production with high-quality components from renowned suppliers. A standard key component of the new Liftace reach stacker, the light-weight and robust Terex top pick spreader, for example, comes from TPS itself. The machine is also available with wide top pick (WTP) or piggyback spreaders. For the engines, TPS relies on state-of-the-art technology from Volvo and Cummins. These engines correspond to the EPA Tier 4 final (EU Stage IV) emission standard and are specifically tuned to the Dana TE30 gearbox designed especially for lift trucks.

The new cab of the Terex Liftace 5-31 reach stacker was developed together with ergonomics experts and drivers. The ergonomic design makes for safe, comfortable and productive operation. The cab offers low interior noise level and an excellent view. It can be manually adjusted as standard for service access; a powered sliding cab is available as an option. The redesigned, intuitive control and visualisation system with the ergonomic joystick and 7 inch graphic display help to provide safe operation. Among other features, TPS offers options such as reversing sensors and a camera system.

As a next step, TPS will launch the first four models of the Terex Stackace empty container handler in the spring.

TPS has particularly focused on lowering operating cost when compared to previous models. The interplay of engine and gearbox with the drive axle together with the low overall weight of the Liftace 5-31 reach stacker and good load distribution of its chassis make for particularly low tire wear. At the same time, the modern drive train combined with the load-sensitive hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption – an effect supported by its EcoPower operating mode and the lighting system, which features LED technology as standard.

TPS has also reduced maintenance requirements and increased the uptime of its reach stacker. This is achieved through a combination of durable components with longer maintenance intervals and better access to maintenance points.

With the launch of the new generation of machines, Montceau-les-Mines is the facility where TPS combines its global reach stacker activities.

Oliver Küpper, general manager at the Terex facility in Montceau-les-Mines, France explains: "Montceau-les-Mines is our new competence center for reach stackers. Besides our modern manufacturing infrastructure, a training center for drivers and service technicians and a spare parts stock are also located here.” Spare parts will still continue to be available for the existing machines of the two Terex legacy brands PPM und Fantuzzi. In addition, customers will have access to the usual comprehensive product range during the entire transition period: "Our concept now envisages the successive launch of additional new models. We will not take any machine off the market before an adequate successor is ready.”

As a next step, TPS will launch the first four models of the Terex Stackace empty container handler in the spring. The same technologies in addition to many identical configurations and components are being used across all lift truck products.

The Terex Stackace empty container handler will feature four models.