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Hörmann set to launch new industrial doors

08 April 2015

Manufacturer Hörmann is set to launch a range of new industrial door products following a successful debut at BAU 2015 in January.

The biennial trade show in Munich is viewed as one of the building industry’s key events, making it the perfect venue to showcase the new products.

Among the key items to be introduced in 2015 is a new high-end motion detector and monitoring technology, the Scanprotect. With a robust, weatherproof design, the system is ideal for external use, and enables fast and targeted door automation.

Laser technology means the Scanprotect is suitable for use with almost any ground surface, while a special ‘teach-in’ function enables the monitoring system to recognise permanent objects within its scanning area.

Hörmann’s second new product to be launched at the show is an innovative roller shutter with a direct drive operator. Available for a wide range of Hörmann curtains or grilles, the DD system comes with wind locks or pull-out protection as standard.

An extra accessory package for the DD roller shutter, for use with Hörmann’s Decotherm curtain, is the DD S6. With a powerful FU operator, the shutter benefits from soft-start, soft-stop technology and can perform up to 30 door cycles per hour. Hörmann’s popular Light Grille is integrated into the side guides to ensure safe operation, even at high closing speeds, while L-pads on the curtain’s interior minimise noise and wear when the door is in use.

Three new insulated panels for Hörmann’s high-speed sectional doors are also due to be released later in the year. Designed for use in chilled areas or low energy warehouses, the panels include built-in thermal breaks to help reduce heat losses.

42mm and 67mm thick panels will be available for installation in a wide range of the manufacturer’s spiral and speed sectional doors, offering U-values of 0.9 W/(m2K) and 0.33 W/(m2K) respectively. New 100mm thick panels, providing an exceptional U-value of just 0.24 W/(m2K) will also be on offer for the ISO Speed Cold door, which is a popular choice within temperature controlled operations.

More industrial products are already in the pipeline for Hörmann this year.