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Health & safety obligations made easier

14 April 2015

Health and safety is core to 3M operations and the company wanted to continue to reward operators who maintained a high level of driver and pedestrian safety.

3M is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services worldwide. It employs over 3,000 people in the UK & Ireland the company operates from 19 locations.

The fork lift truck fleet management system also needed to be centrally controlled, serving multiple sites in the UK and Ireland. The company specified an advanced fleet management system that included:

• Multi-site system with compatible reporting software linking to the 3M network.

• Restricted driver access control to authorised personnel.

• Automated pre-operational checks to meet strict health and safety obligations.

• Easy access to incident reporting.

• Flexible software that can be developed for future improvements.

With an advanced shock analysis, driver access control and pre-operational checks the Davis Derby TruckLOG system was initially trialled in the UK. TruckLOG is now installed on 75% of their UK and Ireland fleet of fork lift trucks. 3M also provide ‘Driver of the month’ incentives to operators who demonstrate good driver behaviour, and individual driver monitoring provide further training to those who may need additional support.

The centralised system enables the management to get reports on each authorised driver and has seen an improvement of driver behaviour as each operator is recognised for safe operations. TruckLOG has also provided the following benefits:

• Automated pre-operational checks ensure health and safety obligations are met.

• Controlled driver access and reporting enable responsible drivers to be rewarded, therefore reducing the number of incidents through lack of driver safety.

• Customised Pre-Operational check system meaning no vehicle can be operated without automated checks being undertaken.

• Smartcard Driver Access Control ensuring only drivers with a valid licence can use a vehicle.

• Ongoing support by Davis Derby’s trained technicians ensure all operations continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

• Providing efficiency to fleet management systems.