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Amazon spends £3.5m on loading bay safety

22 April 2015

The online retail giant has made the very significant investment in the Combilok vehicle restraint system from Stertil Dock Products for 14 Amazon sites throughout Europe.

Before securing the contract, Stertil Dock Products was asked to participate in exhaustive trials, in competition with other manufacturers, at Amazon sites in the UK, France and Germany.

The trials were highly successful in proving the performance and reliability of the Combilok across a whole range of lorries and vans including double deck vehicles. Consequently, Amazon placed an order, with a contract value of £3.5 million, covering the supply and installation of more than 500 Combilok systems.

The Stertil Combilok vehicle restraint system helps to ensure the safe loading and unloading of vehicles by eliminating the common problem of poor communication between drivers and distribution personnel in loading bays. The Combilok was developed exclusively to reduce the risk of unintentional vehicle movement on loading bays and offers a ‘safety net’ against poor communication by holding vehicles in one place until loading or unloading is completed. Not only does this improve safety, it also eliminates damage to expensive goods and equipment and helps guard against theft. 

Loading Bay Safety Feature
Handling & Storage Solutions is examining Loading Bay Safety in its next issue as part of its ongoing Safer Logistics Campaign.

Handling & Storage Solutions launched the Safer Logistics campaign to promote health and safety awareness in logistics in 2014.

We were inspired to launch the campaign by the Health and Safety Executive encouraging all stakeholders to show leadership and ‘be part of the solution’.

It is vital to push home the message that poor health & safety practices have no place in the modern logistics world.

If you want to get involved with the Safer Logistics Campaign contact our team - Angela Lyus on 07818 574304 / alyus@western-bp.co.uk for more details.

During operation, the Combilok is fully interlocked: the loading bay door cannot be opened until the Combilok is in position and the Combilok cannot be released until the door is closed again and it is safe to drive away. Totally automatic in operation, the Combilok also overcomes any language difficulties that may arise with drivers delivering from all over the world. 

Providing unrivalled efficiency and reliability, the Combilok helps companies to fulfil their health and safety obligations in loading bays. The system accommodates most types of commercial vehicles including those with ‘tail lifts’ and its ease of assembly on smooth surfaces like stelcon plates means that it’s ideal for both new and existing sites. Stertil has also designed the Combilok system with a minimal number of moving parts thus making it safe, simple and inexpensive both to install and maintain.

"This latest order from Amazon is the largest in our history,” says Andy Georgiou, general manager of Stertil Dock Products. "Our Combilok system really proved itself in trials across three countries and we received no negative feedback at all. Amazon joins a long list of our satisfied customers who recognise the vital role played by the Combilok system in helping to ensure the safety of drivers and loading bay personnel.”